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How was Priority 1 Fitness created?

Priority 1 Fitness was founded in 2009 when Pete Tansley discovered the only way to help people achieve their fitness goals was through customized, personal attention. After more than 10 years in the health and fitness industry, he saw far too many gym-goers not reach their goals, despite their best intentions and hours in the gym.

So he created a friendly environment that focuses on the individuals results…. Where clients are not just “another number” like they are in large overcrowded health clubs, but are treated like real people.

Pete then recruited some of Australia’s best trainers, client support team members and nutritionist experts to make up the Priority 1 Fitness team. All of the team are at the top of their field – they are all qualified, registered with Fitness Australia and have a minimum of 12 months fitness industry or customer service experience.

Our Vision: 

We are regarded as the best health club in the industry. We achieve this by creating a welcoming atmosphere, giving all clients excellent service, and building a team who are up-to-date with the latest health and fitness knowledge.

Mission Statement:

Priority 1 Fitness is a team of committed, successful and fun-loving people who are always striving to be better. We will work within our Company Culture to become the people we want to be in order to achieve the goals we want to achieve. We all love what we do and it shows with the results we get our clients.

We will provide brilliant and effective exercise options, and create a fun and supportive environment for clients to achieve their goals. We will educate all clients through our systems and knowledge, and through vehicles such as workbooks, workshops, seminars, audio, video and other technologies. 

Priority 1 Fitness deals with committed Gold Coast individuals who want to improve their lives. We always provide massive value, and over deliver at all times to create raving fans. 

11 Points of Company Culture

1. K.A.R.E

KARE stands for Kindness, Appreciation, Respect, and Enthusiasm. At all times I will show KARE to every prospect, guest, client, neighbor, supplier, co-worker and competitor. No matter the outcome from each interaction, I always show KARE.

2. WOW

I’m constantly adding value to our clients and creating WOW experiences. I always seek to affect each individual in a positive way. This is how I measure my individual and team success. I create raving fans by always going the extra mile. 

3. Integrity

I always speak the truth. What I promise is what I deliver. I communicate with the other party if I am unable to deliver at the first available moment. I then seek to make up any broken agreements immediately. 

4. Kaizen

I practice the Japanese self-improvement philosophy known as Kaizen, which means I’m on a constant path to constant and never-ending improvement and innovation. I work on myself, as well as on systems and on beliefs. Good enough isn’t good enough… I strive for excellence.

5. Responsibility

I am truly responsible for my outcomes in work and in life. I take full ownership. I am accountable for my results and for the targets that I strive for. I do no blame outside circumstances, people or events.

6. Communication

I speak positively of my fellow team, my clients, and my company in both public and private. I ignore sarcasm and gossip, and refuse to participate in any of these conversations. I discuss concerns with the individual in private. I understand the power of using a person’s name, and use it when greeting them and saying goodbye to them. 

7. Success

The successful outcome on whatever I am doing is my only focus. I work on win:win outcomes in all interactions. I am a successful person and strive to talk, walk and act in this way without arrogance.

8. Teamwork

I understand that each of us need all of us. I am a team player and team leader. I do whatever it takes to achieve team goals and assist my teammates achieve their individual goals. I focus on cooperation and always look for a resolution. I ask for help when needed; I also give help when it’s required.

9. Balance

I have a balanced life. My work and financial health are important, however so are my spiritual, family, personal, social and physical aspects. I complete the most important tasks first, to allow me to spend time on the other aspects of my life. 

10. Systems

I always look for the system to the solution. When a challenge arises, I first look to the system to guide my actions. I use a system solution rather than a person solution. I follow the system exactly until it has been improved and innovated. I suggest system improvements at the first opportunity and realize these determine the success of the company. 

11. Gratitude

I am a grateful person. I appreciate people and their actions. I say thank-you regularly, and let my clients and teammates know that I appreciate them. I catch my clients and teammates doing the right things. I celebrate wins and the wins of my clients.

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Priority 1 fitness provide personal training services and gym facilities in our Burleigh Heads studio (Southern Gold Coast). We provide tailor made fitness, nutrition and weight loss programs to help you lose fat, gain muscle, tone your body and feel great!

Our priority is to offer a premium, personalised fitness experience.

We have a personal training facility offering one-on-one personal training sessions, small group training, semi private personal training and a 24/7 gym (health club) for clients and members.

Our clients come to us from all over the Gold Coast (Palm Beach, Miami, Currumbin, Varisty Lakes, Robina, Tallebudgera) to enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at our gym.

Hours & location

Our Gold Coast gym / health club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients. Sessions run from 5am weekdays to 8pm - contact the team for more information. 

Front counter assistance is available during the following times only:
Mon - Friday 9am - 6pm
Weekends By Appointment

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