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Are you addicted to this drug? It is almost all foods...

You may becoming addicted to this drug from the worlds biggest food manufacturer, and you don't even know it! Watch this short video to learn more.

I was BLOWN away recently. I’ve been in this industry for some time now, and thought I had heard most things, but this fact about the world’s biggest food manufacturer really surprised me. And the worst thing is, these companies actually pump this drug into all of their products so you become addicted without realizing. Watch to learn more...

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  • 29/10/10 - Jane

    Wow - but I am not surprised - I get sugar cravings just like I used to get cravings for a cigarette when I was a smoker.
  • 24/10/10 - Pete Tansley

    Kaylah, thank you! It's everywhere all packaged foods and products… and sadly most people don’t even know they're consuming it. All bookstores will have it, on the best sellers ATM. How's the countdown going? The recent pics look great - chat soon Pete
  • 23/10/10 - Kaylah

    Hey Pete,

    Great post!! That was super helpful even though I didn’t think I had a ‘problem’ before clicking on the link. I have to say though I am really considering my own sugar addiction now as it something that I think almost every person in the world has experienced at some point in their lives so will be able to relate to.

    “Sweet Poison” sounds great – I’m going to see where I can get it from and get a copy straight away.

    Thanks again for the information! Great blog!!!

    Kaylah :o 

  • 23/10/10 - Pete

    • Nicole YES go out and buy this book!
    • Laura thank you… the key is EDUCATION and you can have a direct role in that
    • Gemma thank you! Unfortunately those stats aren’t just at your work… that’s about the % throughout all of Aus… I think the best things for the first step are education and setting the example… People will always be negative against something that is different to their way… I’d always be happy to do a short preso to your office on eating, energy etc… P.S. LMAO @ the vegetable allergy!
  • 22/10/10 - Gemma

    Pete, I really enjoyed this blog! Wow.I’ve been thinking about sugar addiction a lot lately as I am surrounded by sugar addicts at my work everyday. Out of 11 team mates 5 are heavily overweight heading towards diabetes and heart disease. They are often making jokes as I leave work in my training gear most days as they know I jog in the mornings too which they think is too much exercise! One claims she is allergic to vegetables and another had a white bread chicken and mayo Sammie with 4 pieces of fruit for lunch after no breaky. I’ve tried to encourage them to change but I’ve given up. Although I continue to be concerned about their health. I imagine a lot of offices are in this situation. Any tips for getting people to make that first step towards a healthy lifestyle?
  • 21/10/10 - Laura

    Yet another informative and enjoyable blog pete! thanks for sharing
    Certainly good business for them but completely unethical to the uneducated consumer!
  • 21/10/10 - Nicole Solomon

    Sweet poison - best read of 2010! Nestle are exactly like the software companies. what a joke! However, there are always going to be harmful substances available to us on a daily basis . it is the determination and willpower of the individual to break the addiction and set themselves free of the vicious cycle of emotional and physical pain sugar causes.

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